Worship at St. Alban's Church, Offerton
    in the Church of England - Diocese of Chester

    Worship is at the heart of parish life at St. Alban's. The church offers a diverse
    pattern of worship throughout the week, both contemporary and traditional.


Choir and music

St. Alban's has a small but dedicated choir and maintains a high standard of choral music at worship services. Music is at the heart of praise, and much of the Sunday service is sung.

The church uses a wide variety of music, drawing upon both ancient and contemporary sources.

Choral Scholarships

The St. Alban's Choral Scholarship program is an exciting new initiative which is designed to help young people to develop their singing skills and general musical abilities.

Scholarships are open for chuldren aged 7-14. As part of the program, scholars explore a singing syllabus using the RSCM (Royal School of Church Music) "Voice of Life" scheme. This leads to nationally-recongised qualifications and awards. Over the course of the scholarship, scholars learn breathing techniques, musical notation, how to sing harmonies and in differnt styles, reading music and a whole range of other skills- all whilst enjoying fellowship and fun with other scholars and the choir as a whole.

In addition, scholars are paid a bursary of £300 per annum in thanks for their hard work!

Scholars undertake a commitment to sing at a weekly rehearsal in term time (currently on Friday evening), and at the 11.15am Sunday morning service in term time.

Our Director of Music, Elaine McDermott, runs the Scholarship program. She is an experienced singing teacher and fully DBS/CRB certified (as are all those who work with children at St. Alban's).

We have two scholars at the moment, both in their first year, and both are very much enjoying singing at St. Alban's. There are 3 further scholarships available. If you might be interested, please call Elaine on 07790 431683, or email info@stalbanofferton.org.uk.

Singing has been proven to improve quality of life and is an activity open to everyone. For more information about the choir and music generally at St. Alban's, please contact us.

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