Contact details for St. Alban's Church, Offerton
    in the Church of England - Diocese of Chester

    If you would like more information about the church, booking a wedding or baptism,
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Contact details

Contact us

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries about the church, services or events taking place in the parish. The church also produces a "welcome pack", containing further information, which can be posted upon request.

Parish Office
Please direct all enquiries to the Parish Office in the first instance.
Tel: 0161 477 0456

St. Alban's Parish Office
1a Salcombe Road
Stockport SK2 5AG

Fr. Andrew Lythall
Tel: 0161 480 3773 (not available on Fridays)

Mrs. Eileen Comerford
Tel: 0161 480 4235

Mr. David Griffiths
Tel: 07505 122531

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The Parish Church of St. Alban, Offerton
1 Salcombe Road, Stockport SK2 5AG     Parish office- tel: 0161 477 0456     email: